1. Fly Away

From the recordings Cradle and Fly Away

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Fly Away

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Written and Composed by Marya Stark
Produced by Tina Malia
Performed by Starling Arrow
(Marya Stark, Chloe Smith and Leah Song of Rising Appalachia, Tina Malia, and Ayla Nereo)


Marrow of the hallow
Bone from the shadow
Sparrow to the meadow
Fly away fly away
Feather flight and fallin
Stormy seas a calling
Whispered night you’d stolen
Fly away fly away

Wings on the wind of a borrowed song
Take me to the temple wanting
Love and her lilting petals drawn
Ever in the dance a dawning
Night and her maiden vessels open
Arms to the red moon raining
Tales from the bone, garden of stone
Scripts in the flames remaining

Cast yer bones
In the circle
Step to the left
Arms stretched
Toward constellations
Rain down through the memories
Weaving the threads
Her tapestry held
The shape of a prophecy