1. Into the River

From the recording Into The River

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Into the River

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Into The River is a song for acapella vocals and the interplay of harmonics that can happen when you open up to the spontaneity of the voice. Meant as a collective song, it was written by Chloe from Rising Appalachia whilst sitting by a river listening to the rhythm of the moving rocks and churning water. Repetitive. Playful. Overlapping and overlaying so as to be new each time it is sung. Starling Arrow sang this song in free form for the album, with less notes and arrangements than some of the other tracks and more of a vocal jam type air. It is a joyous homage to laying ones tired body down in the water and letting trials and tribulations be washed away, a theme found in gospel music and traditional music from around the world. As rain finds the rivers, our voices found one anothers for this sweet collaboration and merged into one.


Lean in Lean in
Lean into the River

I wanna lay my bones down
in the water
I wanna lay my body down
on the earth

Hum with the rain
Come sing again
Hum with the rain